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Austin Takes A Breather from CF on a Cruise

At the age of fourteen, many American teens are entering the world of high school and taking on new responsibilities. This is true for Austin Rumpf. A busy fourteen-year-old, Austin is described by his social worker as “an excellent student who works hard every day to maintain his grades”. He is active on his school sports teams and for most seasons of the year, too! Outside of school, Austin manages his CF treatments and is a role model for his younger siblings. He says that “life with CF can be both hard and scary sometimes”. Austin manages a busy schedule of school, sports, family, and treatments, and sharing time between his parent’s houses. As his CF social worker describes, Austin is always polite and cooperative with clinic staff.

To help relax with family outside of their busy day-to-day schedule, Austin was nominated for a wish by his CF care team. Austin requested that his wish be a Cruise, because he both heard how much fun they were, and given his love of boats! His Cruise left New York City and traveled the east coast for a week, allowing Austin and his family a week full of swimming and more! When he’s not cruising the Atlantic, Austin also loves to spend time with his friends and would someday like to help other CF patients by teaching them sports.