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Danny Takes A Breather from CF in the Bahamas

Cystic fibrosis has been a part of Danny Franco’s life since he was diagnosed at three months old. Those outside of the cystic fibrosis community might consider the responsibility of managing 20-30 pills a day daunting, but at eighteen, Danny has learned the importance of maintaining his treatment routines and vigilant self-care. To Danny, CF is not a disease that hinders him, but rather a challenge that anyone who has it can overcome. He says, “it hasn’t been easy but like every CF patient, we aren’t going to give up!” Danny has realized the importance of staying positive and his strong support system of family and friends, for which he is grateful. He also keeps up a very active lifestyle: he goes to the gym every morning, he’s a member of his school baseball team, he rides his bike year-round, and he enjoys bowling and hiking with friends.

For his wish, Danny wanted to take a breather in a climate different from his North Jersey home: the Bahamas. To celebrate the conclusion of his high school career before heading to college, Danny wanted to relax and enjoy time in someplace warm, and what better place than Atlantis! Danny describes how “it was at the perfect time that I got to go on a vacation. [It] was so memorable and couldn’t have asked for anywhere else to be.” Danny’s trip gave him the opportunity to savor the sun and waves of the beach, take in the views of the Caribbean from his hotel room, and experience the joys of travel. He says that “what this [trip] meant for me was a dream come true to see the crystal-clear water and feeling like paradise. The Take A Breather Foundation fulfilled my dreams in so many ways… It made me realize that there more to enjoy in life then dealing with CF”.