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Evan Takes A Breather from CF in the Bahamas

Nine-year-old Evan Allgauer is known for maintaining high spirits while he battles CF. He is extremely active; he loves to spend his free time playing outside with friends and his twin sister. Together, they all play manhunt and tag, and ride bikes and scooters. Then, in the spring and fall Even plays baseball, and in the winter, basketball. In the summer, Evan can be found at the pool swimming or at a water park, both of which he loves.

As a water enthusiast, it only makes sense that Evan’s wish trip was to Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. There, as Evan describes, “as soon as we arrived and checked in I was off to the pool to swim. After that I spent every day at the water park going on all the rides and swimming in the pools.” Alas, Evan did more than swim. He says, “My favorite ride was the Leap of Faith! I also got to spend some time on the beach with my family and went on a jet ski ride. Overall, Evan says “It was a lot of fun and I owe it to all of you for giving me the chance to take a “breather” from Cystic Fibrosis… I want to thank you so much for granting my wish to go to Atlantis, Bahamas. Everything about my trip was AWESOME!”