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Katalina Herrera Takes a Breather in Florida!

Eight-year-old Katalina Herrera has many favorites: swimming; drawing, coloring, all things artsy; playing littlest pet shop, barbies, and tag; and riding on her scooter. Not to mention Disney movies, the iCarly TV show, fruit snacks, ice cream, water parks, and walking the boardwalk or enjoying a great song with family. Most impressively however, for the past two years, one of Katalina’s favorites has remained the same: her wish to meet the Disney Princesses.

So when Katalina was nominated for a breather by her CF social worker, Katalina knew exactly what she wanted. Take A Breather coordinated with the Give Kids the World Village in Orlando, FL, to help Katalina’s wish to meet the Princesses come true. The family of five, of which Katalina is the youngest, was able to take a breather in Disney and meet the Princesses. Katalina’s mom writes, “thanks to Take A Breather, our family of 5 was given the opportunity to make her wish come true. Our week in FL was more than we ever could have dreamed of, [and] more than my husband and I could have done on our own. Our memories from this MAGICAL respite vacation will last forever. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for making Katalina’s wish come true. Our gratitude is truly immeasurable.” We’re guessing what Katalina’s favorite memory from the trip might be… and betting it stays the same, too.