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Madison Takes A Breather in the Grand Canyon

Madison Cryans has always known that cystic fibrosis is a chronic and terminal disease, but she refuses to let this knowledge stop her from accomplishing her dreams. At 24, Maddy works as an ICU nurse in North Carolina where her unique experience fuels the compassionate care she provides for her patients. Outside of the ICU, Maddy is a mentor for young CF patient who is undergoing treatments like her own. Maddy is also a team leader for the Great Strides Walk-A-Thon. There, she leads others in the CF Great Strides walks, helping raise awareness and funds to help end cystic fibrosis. Maddy’s many passions range from makeup, to the fine arts, to the great outdoors. Maddy loves to spend time outside with her husband, Adam, and their two dogs. Together, they enjoy kayaking, hiking, or camping and they frequently visit the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

Madison describes how Take A Breather entered her life at “an extremely difficult time—as [she] was grappling with a physically, emotionally and financially draining treatment protocol for a complex lung infection.” She says will never forget the day Molly of Take A Breather called to say they were going to grant her a wish. In early 2018, Take A Breather sent Madison and Adam to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona, places that her “avid hiker and outdoor-lover heart had always longed to explore”. Together, the couple explored the Grand Canyon Skywalk and took a helicopter tour! Madison says, “The trip was exactly what we needed to relax, recuperate and reconnect. Take A Breather exceeded our every expectation and we were blown away by the amazing gift that trip was for us […] What an honor it is to be a part of the Take A Breather family! Take A Breather is truly changing lives!”