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Mariah Takes A Breather in California

Mariah never uses cystic fibrosis as an excuse; she knows that life with the disease can be difficult, but she can do anything that someone without CF can do, if maybe just a little slower. For instance, she too can take a trip to Southern California and see Disneyland, Venice beach, Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood sign, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Mariah’s Take a Breather wish trip allowed her to enjoy all of this with her family, the ones who have been by her side on her journey with CF. Plus, the trip inspired her with one more reason to take care of her health – so that she can travel more!

Aside from traveling, Mariah has many interests: she entered her first modeling contest in 2015 ago and found it to be a life changing experience. To Mariah, modeling demonstrates that she can both have a chronic illness and be beautiful! This activity that Mariah enjoys has helped her gain confidence in herself, and she has used it as a platform to raise awareness about cystic fibrosis. Mariah also enjoys crocheting to pass time while doing treatments; though time-consuming, she says it’s relaxing and rewarding when completed! While she’s not modeling or crocheting, Mariah like to shop and keep up with the latest trends, as well as spend time with friends. She says that there’s “nothing like being surrounded by a group of people who genuinely want to have a good time and make long lasting memories together”. The SoCal sunshine must have been wonderful, but a great group of friends sure is a treasure to return to!