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Shannon Takes A Breather from CF in Disney

“The past 2 years have been particularly hard for myself and also our family. I have faced many set backs and long courses of treatments with little to no improvement. This doesn’t just affect me it affects our whole family. This disease is not something I face alone and many times can be even harder on my family than it is on me. This trip was given to us at the perfect moment and gave us a chance to escape all of that. We were given a chance to be a regular family. Our trip was so incredibly wonderful!! It was so much greater than I ever imagined. I just keep reliving the moments over in my head. I never once felt worried about my health the entire time and I never expected to be able to rid myself of that worry. This breather truly was a breather for our family. Although I used a scooter to get around I felt like every other person there just enjoying the moments with their family.

The kids had so many amazing moments. We were able to get the boys in to do the Jedi Training and Nathan led the parade through Hollywood Studios, I dragged the boys with me to meet Tinkerbell and Dillon and Nathan got to catch the biggest Bass of their lives. We met many characters, rode so many great rides and had so much great food! I LOVE Mickey Waffles!! This trip was such an incredible blessing for us. We will never forget these memories and I am so thankful for the time we had together.” – Shannon