Inspiring Hope and Happiness for Those with Cystic Fibrosis

Inspiring Hope and Happiness for Those with Cystic Fibrosis

Patty Takes A Breather from CF on a Cruise

Ten-year-old Patty Woodward enjoys many activities including basketball, drawing, and playing the violin. Patty also enjoys cooking with her mom, swimming, and going to the beach to play in the water and look for seashells. Patty’s mother, Audrey, says Patty also helps take care of her younger siblings, and she’s the oldest of four! With her friends, Patty likes to play board games with like Life, Phase 10, and Monopoly. Patty’s friends are important to her; she describes how when she is hanging out with them, it allows her to forget that she has cystic fibrosis (CF). Patty is also comfortable with speaking to her friends about CF, as her CF social worker says. She also enjoys reading and she is involved in her school’s Reading Olympics.

In addition to spending time in extra-curriculars, Patty also stays busy caring for her CF. Upon seeing how diligent Patty was with her CF care routine, Patty’s CF social worker, Jenifer, nominated her for a wish from the Take A Breather Foundation. Jenifer describes Patty as a responsible young girl, saying, “I truly admire her commitment to care at such a young age.” In a conversation between Jenifer and Patty in March 2018, Patty mentioned her interest in a wish trip. Her social worker agreed, saying that given Patty’s hard work and commitment, she would be a deserving recipient who would be able to really appreciate her wish. Take A Breather received Patty’s nomination and plans were put into action.

One sunny June day, Patty went off to school for one of the last days of the school year. Little did she know, her parents, siblings, and some of the staff from the Take A Breather Foundation had arranged a surprise wish presentation for her! So, that afternoon at lunch, she was greeted by her classmates, loved ones, and Bruce and Vince of the Take A Breather Foundation, who presented Patty with her “breather”: a summertime cruise to the Bahamas, including a swim with dolphins, for her and her family!

After the preparations were made and the excitement bubbled, the Woodward family was off! They cruised to Bermuda where they had a great time, learning a bit of Bermudan history by visiting museums, building sandcastles and playing on the beach, swimming with dolphins, “digging in” to delicious breakfasts, and simply relaxing! Of their trip, Audrey describes how, “Instead of clinic visits, [Patty] was on the beach and swimming with the dolphins. It definitely reinvigorated her and she wants to continue to stay as healthy as possible because she wants to visit Bermuda again. It was absolutely amazing and we made memories that will last a lifetime. My daughter enjoyed every second of Bermuda and the cruise ship.”