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Zachary Takes A Breather From CF on His Computer

Seven-year-old Zachary Laughman is an only child who lives with his mother and grandparents. For fun, Zachary enjoys playing outside and with friends, and as his social worker describes, Zachary is “a sweet energetic boy who loves to be active”. His active lifestyle might not lead one to guess that Zachary has both cystic fibrosis and pancreatic insufficiency. Luckily, his caring family ensures he’s okay. Zachary’s mom, Christina, is a single mother who works hard to support them in many ways, like working two jobs so that the she and her son can have their own house. She says, “I work harder every day to give him the life he deserves”.  Together, the pair plans Zachary’s medication and sleep schedules in effort to keep life as normal as possible. Despite this, as his mom describes, “he does the best he can to keep up with the other kids, but sometimes struggles to breathe.” Zachary’s mom writes, “having CF has made us stronger and we try to live every day to the fullest”.

So the Take A Breather Foundation tried to help make that possible – by giving Zachary his first ever computer. Christina describes how “he was jumping up and down when it was delivered. What made him happier was that the neighbors were over and could enjoy his excitement. He was ripping open boxes and couldn’t wait for us to get it set up for him. He always wants to play on the computer all the time and we set it up next to his pappy’s chair and everytime he clicks on a new page he asks his pappy to look. This is a gift that he can use for years to come for play and school. My son is the strongest kid I know and not even CF will bring him down. […] Thanks again to the Take A Breather Foundation for making Christmas extra special!”